4 Essential Things for Capturing Detail Shots

Are you having difficulties in doing your job as a professional wedding photographer? In all honesty, the responsibility of a professional wedding photographer is not easy at all. There are a few things that he/she should keep in mind whenever he/she is capturing striking images and detail shots during a wedding day. It doesn’t matter how chaotic or peaceful the day is running, just make sure that you have all the time of capturing every single detail that will surely make the bride and groom happy and remember this big day forever.

A cliché maybe but it’s true that “it is all in the details” when it comes to the works of a professional wedding photographer. Most often than not, photographers are asked why they are taking shots of the wedding rings, wedding shoes, etc. The answer is very simple – the details usually grow fainter. The jewelry will break or fade. The shoes will tighten up. The cake will become a leftover. The wedding dress will be kept inside the closet for months and years or sold in eBay. Of course, you would want to remember every detail and memory that took place in your wedding day.

Each detail make each wedding unique from one another. This is why it is significant to capture each detail and preserve it into a photographic memory. It is possible to create stunning images of wedding details, especially when you think of the shots you will be taking.

The four things you should take into consideration are clarity, small depth of field, the background or environment, and light.

Clarity: This is considered as the most significant aspect if you are going for a jewelry shot. Usually, soft focus or blur does not work well. The best jewelry shots happen to have detailing that is clear and sharp.

Small depth of field: Depending on the professional wedding photographer’s preference, he/she should give quality when it comes to jewelry shots. This is to produce a quality and interesting background for your chosen subject such as the wedding ring.

depth-of-field2 depth-of-field

Background or environment: If you are going for a jewelry shot, then technically they can be macro shots. Depending on the preference of the professional wedding photographer, he/she can choose images that have strong composition. Additionally, you can add in bits of components of the couple’s wedding and really create an appealing image.

Light: Lighting should not be ignored whether it’s a jewelry shot or not. The basic idea is that lighting can make or break every shot you want to capture, especially when it’s about detailed shots. You can use soft light, direct light or sidelight with intentions of capturing incredible photos.


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