5 Asian Wedding Hair Styles for Short Hair

You probably think that women with long hair will have plenty of fun trying different Asian wedding hair styles for their wedding day. Even if you have chin length or pixie cut hair, you can still look gorgeous and feminine with these Asian wedding hair styles for short hair:

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1. Curly Short Hair – Your short haircut can make you look like an angel in just a few minutes of preparation. This Asian wedding hair idea is very feminine and will make you look so innocent. If you have a side bob, it can be very attractive too. Curl the strands so they look gorgeous and fabulous especially with the side-swept bangs. Add some fresh flowers to your honey curls and you will hear everyone’s gasps of awe as you walk down the aisle.

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2. The Low Bun – It’s not only women with long hair who can wear a bun to her wedding day. This sophisticated and classy Asian wedding hair style looks good with side swept bangs too. The bun is naturally lower than it will be with longer hair but it looks just as gorgeous. With a medium thick hair and a nice volume it will enhance the overall look of the bride.

3. The Pixie Cut with Veil – Wear your pretty pixie style Asian wedding hair with a veil that covers just half of your face. It will give you a very mysterious and intriguing look. Although it can go well with almost all kinds of dresses, the pixie hair cut shows off your feminine collar bone so if I were you I would wear a strapless dress or an off shoulder wedding gown.

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4. The Pixie Cut with Headband – The super short hair style called pixie cut can be very feminine and nice for one’s wedding day. With this hair cut, the hair is cut short at the side and the back and the front is left with short bangs. To avoid a look that’s too boyish for a wedding day, wear it with an ultra-feminine headband made of either flowers or pearls and other stones.

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5. Short Hair Braid – You probably can’t imagine how a short pixie hair can turn into a fantastic Asian wedding hair with back braids. With a little help from the trusty bobby pins and some strong hold hair spray, it’s possible!

Don’t let your super short hair keep you from having a gorgeous wedding day hair do. With the help of Wedding Hair, these feminine short wedding hair styles can be our inspiration so you can glam up your crowning glory on your big day.