5 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Fridge

The need for fridge in Brisbane is increasing both for business purpose and home usage. This is because life is becoming super busy every single day. So, one need to keep some food and drinks in the fridge to keep bought or cooked food longer and safe.

Unfortunately, we do forget to properly maintain the fridges despite the fact that we keep food there.

Let’s look at five easy ways you can maintain your fridges.

Regular cleaning

To keep your fridge fresh and healthy without funny smell, clean it on a regular basis. Cleaning is simple as you only need detergent and water. In case of spill like milk spills, try and clean it immediately.

It is so easy to forget the condenser coils simply because it is located on the back. Cleaning the condenser coil like after every 6 months can allow the condenser coil to effectively release required amount of heat. A vacuum cleaner brush is good for the condenser cleaning job.

You can maintain the refrigerator gasket by applying oil such as Vaseline on the gasket often to keep it strong and prevent it from drying out and cracking, that can contribute to air loss. Oh, the gasket is that rubber seal in the lining of your refrigerator door.

Check space

Spacing items in the fridge too close together can lead to overheating. But, why? Because a fridge works by emitting heat from items and releasing it to the outside. When items are too close, heat scarcely escape. The best spacing on all sides of the fridge is six inches. You can also ensure enough space between food by avoiding over-packing. You do not want to damage your fridge.

Open and closing of the door

Seize from opening your refrigerator door for too long or too often. Anytime you open the door, about 40 percent of cold air escapes. So, the longer you open it, the more cold air escapes. This increases your compressor workload and so energy being used that can escalate your electricity bills. Well, I’m sure you’d be glad to save some cash.

Break down

Do not hesitate to call a technician in case you notice a malfunctioning sign. Such signs include, the recriminator leaking, making loud noises or constantly going on and off.

Proper temperature

Ensure that the fridges temperature is enough to allow for cooling hot food or de-freezing frozen foods. The most recommended temperature ranges between 32 to 40 degrees. That temperature is also good for preventing bacteria.

You know fridges are expensive. So ensure that you effectively maintain yours to extend its lifespan. The above tips are some of the many ways to maintain the life span of your fridges.