Real Estate

A Checklist for Home Sellers

Real estate selling is a complex process right from the time you decide to sell your house to the time you actually hand it over. The pricing of the house, the staging and marketing and then negotiating and finalizing the price until you finally strike a deal. Here are some things you should keep in mind when selling your home:


Pricing and Preparing

Get in touch with the people you need to assist you sell your home. The first of course will be the industrial property for sale Tullamarine who will give you an estimate of the price your property can fetch. Then call in the home staging experts to get your home ready for viewing by potential buyers. You may need to call in a home inspector to check for construction faults and have them repaired.

You can then decide upon an asking price for your home. You can conduct your own independent research online and within your social network so that you know what are the going property prices in your locality and elsewhere. Once you have fixed the price you can sit back and wait for the homebuyers to come in.



Marketing is different from home staging. You need to let people know that your home is up for sale. You can do this of course through real estate agent, but you can also list your property on some of the online sites and leave your agent’s contact details so that potential buyers can contact them.

Make sure to clean your air con as buyers don’t want to see any mess inside the house.

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