A Custom Window Shade In Progress

Your house is like your magnum opus; it’s your personal masterpiece. It’s something that is designed and molded by your ideas. As it is based on your ideals, it is unique. It represents a lot about you; your personality, culture, dreams, and, since this is life, your lifestyle. And as it is something different people will always style it differently, there are nearly infinite ways to design it; as according to the vastness of the human mind. A lot of things in a house can be designed; the doors, the windows, the walls, and the roof. Most people emphasize the design of the windows more, since it has a lot more design choices and less weight put on to it, unlike the walls, roof and floor. You can change the color, make it thin or thick, change its shape, and make it big or small. And even change what’s on the windows. Windows are usually glass panes, but you mix up your home by adding something a little bit different: blinds. Blinds are pretty much window jalousie, but made of plastic, wood or even metal. They’re a bit lighter on the price and better at sunlight and temperature control. There are a variety of blinds which are:

• Persian – The most common one; made of metal and the slats are horizontal.

• Venetian – similar to the Persian type, but the slats can rotate a full 180 degrees, giving you better control. It can also be made of plastic or wood.

• Vertical – The regular blinds, but the slats are in a vertical fashion.

• Roman – The different one of the bunch. Instead of the slats rotating, the slats stack on the top side of the blinds when the blinds are opened. When they are closed, they drop down, spacing out evenly to block out and light from coming in.


From so many blinds to choose from, a good choice would be not blinds, but something similar, plantation shutters. More versatile and less expensive, they have narrower and smaller louvers, keeping them up with the trend of letting as much light in as possible while keeping the view outside. They also show great elegance to your home, especially to your kitchen. They’re made of wood, so they’re easy to install. But if one really wants to get the best quality plantation shutters, some companies like the ones below can hook them up with a few:

• Houzz – offers not only standard plantation shutters, but also customizable ones to fit them in your room. They also offer shutters with different slat width, so you can choose if you want a lot or little sunlight to come in. They can even suggest you the best fitting shutter for a specific kind of room.

• The shutter store- they offer you different kinds of styles of shutters. Different kinds, such as full size shutters, cafe style for an early on the morning coffee, a Tier on Tier, and a solid shutter for a traditional and secure style.