Regular air conditioning maintenance is vital to your AC’s health. Just as a human body requires annual health checkups, similarly your AC too needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time for optimum performance. Annual air conditioning tune ups can detect problems right at the grassroot level and can prevent these small, niggling problems from flaring up into expensive, bank breaking headaches.

Things to Check while Conducting Air Conditioning Maintenance

The efficiency of your air conditioning system can only be assessed by trained professionals and it is necessary to get your AC unit inspected annually by professionals like air conditioning that specialize in air conditioning maintenance.

A licensed and qualified AC professional should clean the return air filter. Sometimes, the outdoor and indoor heat exchanger coils get blocked. AC cleaning personnel should clean these coils thoroughly with chemicals.

It is our duty of these maintenance guys to check if the refrigerant is leaking or not as well as the level of refrigerant charge. Refrigerant or Freon in an AC unit does not require refills or changing unlike car engine oil. If the Freon level is suspiciously low, it indicates a leak which should be fixed promptly, before being filled up.

Airqual also ensure that all the fan louvres and motors are operating properly. Our maintenance guys also check to see if the basic operations are being carried on smoothly. This may include checking the AC unit’s air off and air on temperatures.

Some other aspects of air conditioning maintenance include checking filters, condenser, callibration of thermostat, replacing oil motors and checking each and every electrical control and component. Our service personnel will also clean out condenser and evaporator coils.