All About Mulching And Its Advantages

If you will look up in the dictionary as to the meaning of mulch, you will learn that it is a material that can be used to enrich the soil surrounding a plant so that I turn, the plant can grow healthily. Mulch can be bark of trees, leaves that are already decayed, compost and so on as long as they are good to the plants. A tree service company also provides mulching most of the time thus if you have a garden and you think that your plants are taking their time in growing, then you have them mulched. Of course mulching can be done by just anybody but if you are so busy as it will surely take a lot of your time, especially if you have many plants to be mulched, you should just hire a pro so that you get the result without really stressing yourself out.

Here are the many advantages of mulching and why others are doing this:


– We all know that during rainy days, you don’t need to water your garden every day as they can get the water from the rain of course. But at times when rain is seldom, then you will be watering your garden often for sure. If they are mulched though, he water will be preserved longer as they can hardly evaporate because of the coverings. And because of this, you need not water the plants that often then.

– It is said that organic mulch can produce more microorganism activity and this means the soil will be less compact then. It also means that air circulation will become better which is good for the plants.

– Weeds will be less in the area surrounding the plants. Because the plants are covered, it means that the area surrounding it can hardly get sunlight and thus weeds will hardly grow as well.

– Actually, mulching will not just help in keeping the water longer than usual but at the same time, it can also lessen the impact from the rain to the plants so that soil erosion will be prevented. This is the usual situation though, when rains comes, the soil will be washed away from the plants without the mulch but the effect will not be the same when the plants are mulched though. This also means that more nutrients will be preserved for the plants even after a heavy rain.

– Pests are one of the most hated enemies of farmers because they eat their plants. However, there are mulch materials that can deter pests away as they act as insect repellent like the cedar bark and many others. Thus if you think that pests are pestering your plants, then you can just relay this to your hired tree service company as for sure, they will right away know what to do.

It is not easy to take care of plants. But if they are mulched, there will be no need for you to be as watchful to them as they will be in good hands. Call mulching Sunshine Coast.