An Oasis Amidst Pristine Waters: Samoa Holidays

Samoa is a small group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean and an ideal destination for adventure or rejuvenating holidays. The Isle of Samoa is not only known for its bespoke natural beauty but is also blessed with the pristine beaches, amazing tropical rain forests and wonderful local Samoan People. There is something special about Samoa that will capture your interest and fascinate you.

Some of the activities that you can keep in mind for your Samoa Holidays are:

Underwater life: Samoa has been emerged through underwater volcanic eruption which creates a very special marine life. The waters around the country are crystal clear and poses best opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy your Samoa Holiday with diving and witness the vibrant and elegant fish life and also more than 200 varieties of stunning coral reefs.

Astonishing beaches are waiting: Bask in the sun and relax on the golden white sand. You can find a majestic coastline in Samoa,mostly on the south coast of Upolu but also all around the island of Savaii.

Traditional Samoa is calling: Samoa is not only about natural beauty and water, you can also witness the diverse and vibrant cultural heritage. The local people are friendly and will let you be a part of their traditions and rituals. There are various dances that highlight the cultural richness of the country. Most hotels and private Samoa holidays home organize these dances at least once a week and give you a chance to be a part of it.

Water sports: Samoa has copious beaches, lagoons and bays, thereby offering the perfect place for water sports. Go for adventure sports and get involved with fishing, kayaking or surfing. The place has most activities in store for your entertainment and rejuvenation.

Natural beauty through tropical rain forests: Travel through lush green rain forests and enrich your soul with the cascading waterfalls landing in the pristine and amazing ponds. Witness mangroves, blowholes, various conservation areas and much more. The majestic caves with surely impress you with their amazing beauty.

Accommodation: when you are in Samoa, you are never short of accommodation options. You can choose anything from luxury resorts to budget hotels and also private Samoa holiday homes. There is also an option of booking traditional beach fales (beach huts).

In the recent years, Samoa has emerged as an attractive tourist destination and adorned by various 5 star resorts and luxury hotels.