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Analyzing Quotes From Different Timber Shutters Contractors

The surest way to get the best quality timber shutters is to compare quotes from several well reputable companies. Additionally, you will have to compare like items to ensure you end up with the best deal. Start by selecting the exact type of timber shutters that you want then ask each contractor to quote on the same timber material, tracking or hinges.

You should also avoid a situation where one contractor quotes a Venetian for a specific window while another contractor quotes shutters for the same window. The quotes should use a similar format to ensure that compare all the items fairly.

Here are the specific things you should look for in a quote.

1. Shutter material

• Timber – composite wood that is made from glued wood waste or sawdust or MDF
• Western red cedar
• Laminated and jointed wood off cuts
• Fast grown woods such as Basswood
• Plastics
• Aluminum

At this point, you should understand the pros and cons of both synthetic and wood materials. For example, synthetics must always remain supported in the opening else they will start sagging as time goes by. On the other hand, timber will need painting periodically.

2. The number of panels to be used per opening

There are so many combinations you can use and you should pay close attention to what the contractors suggest. The most common shutter combinations are;

• Hinged panels – the panels will be composed of single units that are hinged to the opening of the window
• Bifolding panels – two panels are co-joined and hinged to the opening off the window
• Fixed panels – for this design, you will not be able to move the panels at all and you should thus ensure that the shutter is fully moveable to allow periodic cleaning
• Sliding panels – the panels will move on tracks. These panels are best suited for areas with huge glasses or a small room
• Tracked bifolding panels – these comprise of two or more panels that are folded on top of each other then slided on a track. They are perfect for large French doors.

3. Finish to be applied on the shutters

• Stained
• Clear finish
• Painted colors
• Oiled finish
• Powdered coated for aluminum
• No finish to be applied

4. Installation

The cost of installation should be included so you know which timber shutters contractor you are going to go with based on the quality of their work, if they are able to meet all your requirements and if their price is fair.

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