Astro Turf Products and what they do

Astro Turf is a brand of artificial grass and is one of the most favored for its quality. The first Astro Turf was invented by the group of Robert T. Wright, James M. Faria and Donald L. Elbert. Since its first installation in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome, this special brand of artificial turf has become a staple in many indoor stadiums since then and over the years it has evolved to fit other needs and have several advantages and purposes over one another. Here are three choices of Astro Turf products and what they boast.



GameDay Grass

GameDay Grass is one of the three types of Astro Turf products and is known for the unique system that goes with it. The artificial grass used on the GameDay Grass is tufted well enough that it mimics more than just the look of authentic grass but it also how it feels. GameDay Grass is also backed with BioCel coating which keeps it friendly to the environment. When purchasing the GameDay Grass for a stadium, the Astro Turf company also extends their brand of maintenance prior to the installation of the artificial grass in order to keep it in pristine condition after every game.


Another Astro Turf product worth noting is the PureGrass variety. With PureGrass, a person will not be limited to using the artificial grass solely for outdoor games and sports as it can also be used for all other purposes. With PureGrass, it can be used in parks and fears of falling down over it will be no problem as it is designed to absorb the maximum amount of shock and it will easily fit into place no matter what the material for the base is be it asphalt, stone or concrete.

AstroTurf 12

AstroTurf 12 is an Astro Turf product which is a favorite among players who dabble in field hockey. With AstroTurf 12, players won’t have any problems when it comes to rain as this type of artificial grass because it improves itself when it is wet, increasing the chances of a better playability as well as absorbing water as it is designed for outdoor use with the possibility of wetness being considered, turning it into an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The AstroTurf 12 has become a legend in the world of field hockey that it becomes a part of the strategies in some teams.

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