Becoming a Commercial Painter

Have you ever considered picking up the paintbrush for a living? Its a practical job that is always required in the community. You can rely on steady work and pay, however it is not a simple case of just waltzing into a job. You must possess a number of skills and qualities if you wish to go anywhere in the business. A commercial painter is charged with decorating and painting a vast number of different surfaces which could range from plasters, woods or even metals. This may sound like a rough manual labour job, however it actually requires quite a lot of artistic merit. This involves being good with your hands as well as having a bit of a creative flair.

When it comes to being hired for jobs, most customers out there prefer to hire someone who has a lot of experience so that they can rest assured that their project is being completed to a high standard. As a result it is recommended that you start your career off working for a professional painter. This can begin with a simple part time position helping him or her to load up their van for work. This position is sometimes referred to as a mate. It is just the commercial painter’s assistant. You can expect to receive experience painting domestic and industrial locations using a variety of materials to get the job done.

The tools of the trade which you will come equipped with will be the trusty paint brush and many different barrels of paint. You will be absolutely inundated with the colours, types grades and varieties of paints available. You will also have to become accustomed to other materials such as varnish and wallpapering which you may encounter during your job. You must also master the art of interpreting the colour schemes which are being requested by a customer. This is sometimes hard as the customer may not know exactly what they want. It is one of the finer skills required of commercial painters.

So if you think you have the manual talents and the artistic flair required to paint for a living, then you should start off with an apprenticeship. Get trained by Perth roof painters, gain some experience and learn the tricks of the trade. You should get your head around concepts such as colour as well as all of the tools you will need. So get out that brush and get to work. This is the life of commercial painters.