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Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm system installed in a home or an office is connected to a monitoring station by a phone line. The system has an intruder sensor set up at the site. When the sensor is triggered, a siren sounds at the site, and the monitoring team at the station is alerted right away. The professionals call at the site to verify the situation and then send staff members and police personnel to the site. Here are some benefits of monitored alarm systems.

Di you know that residential tenancy act stipulates that the landlord on an apartment should install an alarm system. Moreover, if you are buying a home, see to it that an alarm system should be install before you move in.


Immediate Police Action

A monitored alarm systems Brisbane  allows the client to avail of police assistance right after the crime or even while the crime takes place. This allows the police to apprehend the criminals quickly.

An ordinary alarm system just alerts the homeowner. You can rely only on your family members or neighbours for help. This put you and the others at great risk.

If you are away when a crime takes place at your home, the monitoring team at the receiving station will inform you about the situation by calling at your mobile phone. This will enable you to take immediate action.

Emergency Signal

A monitored alarm system has a provision for a duress signal. If the burglar entering your home or your office cuts off the alarm system or coerces you to do so, you can send a signal in a secret code to the receiving station. A bell-only alarm system does not provide this facility.