Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds

Usually, while buying diamond, people opt for purchasing preset jewellery where the gemstone is already set in a specific design. However, what most don’t realize is that buying loose stones from diamond wholesalers is a smarter choice as it offers several advantages. So the next time you buy diamond jewellery, always keep in mind the advantages of buying loose stones over preset jewellery.

Buying Loose is Safer

Perhaps the best benefit of buying loose diamond is the opportunity it offers you to scrutinize the entire stone from all facets. This is something you just cannot do when buying preset jewellery. You will have to be satisfied with the way the stone appears in its exposed areas while the areas hidden by the surrounding metal (gold or platinum) can never be inspected. Jewellers often know how to set a stone in a particular way so as to hide its flaws. But when you inspect a loose stone, you are in a position to check it from different angles for imperfections. And this is of vital importance as the stone and not the entire jewellery should be your focus of attention. The prime value of studded jewellery lies in the quality of the stone and preset pieces can easily distract you with all that glitter of the metal.

Buying Loose can be a Good Investment

If you have money, buying loose diamonds can be a good investment. Even if you are buying for individual use, you can always buy in bulk to save more money and sell the extra pieces for a neat profit.