Home Maintenance

Benefits of Timber Floors

When choosing the right flooring for your newly constructed home, you should consider a lot of things to ensure that in the long run, you get the most out of what you spend. Of course, aesthetic value should be one of the priorities however most people forget the more important things when choosing the floors that would be best for their family’s home. These qualities include durability and longevity, maintenance and livability. When these things are considered, it is easy to see that timber floors should be one of the top choices. Here is why:

  1. They are long lasting. Unlike carpets which need to be replaced constantly, even as frequent as every five years, most timber floors if installed, protected and maintained the right way last for decades. Some even last as long as the building. Thus this will avoid you the hassle of moving furniture when re-installing your floor and spending money every now and then for each reinstallation. Aside from that, unlike carpets, timber floors Adelaide look better as they age. So again, no need for replacement for the sole reason that they now look ugly and worn out.
  2. They are easier to clean and more hygienic. Imagine spilling wine on carpet vs on timber floors. Surely this scenario would be a disaster on carpets. As for wooden floors, you just have to wipe it off with a damp cloth and your problem is done. Aside from disasters as this one, every day maintenance favors that of the wooden floors. A simple vacuuming would do as wooden floor do not harbor as much dusts, parasites and allergens as carpets do. This is perfect if you have a lot of pets roaming around the house which can potentially shed off their fur.
  3. Damage control is easier with wooden floors. When carpets are ruined for one reason or another, you have to replace the whole thing or live with a patch for the rest of the year until you are able to replace the whole thing. For the case of wooden floors, when they are scratched, or incur a notch, you just have to do some re-polishing or resurfacing. Some problems may even be solved by just filling in the gap with a putty. Surely an easy way to deal with damages.

You see, when choosing the right flooring that would certainly get you real value for your money, timber floors are the best. Not only do they save you some bucks, they also save you time and effort that you could use for other things like leisure and recreation.