Blinds – Beautiful Window Coverings

Window blinds refer to the gorgeous interior jackets of the window. They are available in different shapes, materials, colour as well as designs. Not only it gives a unique look to the house but also, it takes care of the lighting and ventilation. Based on the window sizes, you can select the perfect blind for them.

The varied types of blinds offered in the market include wooden, vertical, roller, roman and PVC blinds. Wooden blinds are considered to be the most classical and traditional blinds. The wooden slats are fixed horizontally to each other to form the blinds. It allows you to control light and air movements and is quite easy to operate. You can adjust the slat angles, which offers you the required privacy. It is also popularly known as the venetian blind. The slat sizes differ according to your choice and requirement, the common ones being 35 and 50 mm.

A photo by Steinar La Engeland.

You can find an array of colours and patterns when it comes to vertical blinds. It is ideal for office premises. The vertical slats are fixed close to each other. However, the light passage is less in these blinds. Therefore, if you need less light pass through your windows, then they can be your first choice. Also, it looks very striking, as the colour options are huge. It perfectly matches with the wall colours of the room. Its maintenance is stress-free and is highly flexible. It is readily available in the market at a low price.

Roller blinds are the most favoured ones, as it gives your window an entirely different look. It is mostly made up of aluminum, as the base of these blinds needs to be stiff. It is available in three different types of fabrics: translucent, block outs and screen. Translucent fabrics keep your rooms lighted as well as secure your privacy. Block outs as the name suggest is meant for night time and, your room will be completely darkened. No light can pass through the block out material. Screen fabrics are meant for view and to stop the heat. Therefore you feel comfortable in your room, even if it is too hot outside. Hence, it can be rightly said to be a multi-purpose blind. The key feature is you can adjust the height of the roller blinds and their lowering depends on your choice. Check variety of blinds online.

Roman blinds appeal to the senses a lot. It is an ultimate blind for home and office decor. The available patterns and designs include floral patterns, chequered ones and bright colours. It offers a very attractive look on the windows. They are actually in the form of pleats. You can easily mount them and adjustable cords are provided to adjust the blinds. You just need to pull these cords for adjustment. The main purpose is to keep away the sunlight from entering the room. It is ideal for sunny days. PVC blinds are used for large spaces like balconies and porches. The main purpose is protecting the house from the harmful rays of sun. It can also protect against our home from winds and rain. It is the only blind which is placed on the exterior side of the window.