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Build Your Own Custom Sheds

Sheds are needed for a lot of different reasons. Shed online Melbourne may be for storage, a new workplace, an indoor garden or others. Whatever it is that made you consider in having your own custom sheds, you do not need to fret. They are easy and affordable and the good news is you can build your custom sheds yourself. Just follow these instructions:

  • Check your local government for the building code and submit all the necessary paperwork before building your own shed. Wait for the approval.
  • Creating your custom sheds For your shed to be sturdy and a safe place to work, it should have the proper foundation. You can do this by first leveling the ground and make channels for your foundation. You also need to make channels for all the electrical wiring. Aside from making your shed sturdy, having a good foundation will keep out any wild animals like rodents from your shed and protect it from being destroyed.
  • Lay down your foundation. Gather all the materials you will be using such as cinderblocks, clay and lots of mortar. First you need to put limestone in all the channels you made and lay down all the electrical wiring. After you have done this, you may start laying down your cinderblocks. To keep them aligned and straight you may need to put sticks on the corners of your shed and tie strings around them.
  • Make the framing. For the framing we recommend using 2×4 poles. Make sure to make this sturdy as this will support all the ply boards for your wall. You can ask your local lumber on the best wood material for framing. Make four of these.
  • Make the roofing. Assemble the roofing by putting together the little metal plates with points sticking around them.
  • Create the walls of your custom sheds. Measure the spacing of your framing and cut the appropriate sized ply boards to fit them. Attach these together with the use of a framing hammer. When you have attached the boards to their respective framing, attach the four frames together side to side to make the four walls.
  • Create a base in your foundation. You can create bases from 2x4s and ibolts. Attach the ibolts to the foundation using a lot of mortar. When this is done, you can attach the framing to the base using again the framing hammer.
  • From the walls, you can create the roof trusses. Make sure you measure the angles very accurately and hold them together securely as the trusses will need to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the shingles. Assemble the shingles and the metal plates
  • Create the door for your custom sheds. You can buy pre-assembled doors as these can take a lot of time to make.
  • Paint your shed.