Building Better Teams – How a Good Leader can Do It

An active team member who is interested in the performance of his team will never sit on the sidelines. However, it sometimes happens that a particular team member can become disinterested and oblivious to the performance of the team. As a team leader, it should by your continuous endeavour to maintain a high level of motivation so that each member contributes fruitfully irrespective of personal or professional setbacks.


Successful Team Leaders know each Team Member thoroughly

When better team building is your aim, you must have an in-depth understanding of the talents, strengths, skills, weaknesses, comfort level, preference etc of each team member. This will help you to connect with them on a personal level which can be a huge motivating factor. Address your members by name so that they feel recognized and important. Wish them on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Similarly, express your condolences in case of family bereavements. All this goes a long way in enhancing loyalty among the members.


A Good Leader Must Foster a Sense of Mutual Respect

For your team building endeavours to be successful, you must inculcate a sense of mutual respect in the team. Never belittle or reprimand a team member in front of others; irrespective of the hierarchy. Do not encourage ugly gossip or back-biting. Be respectful in your dealings no matter what the situation is and you will see the same respect flowing all around you.


Happy Teams Perform Better

Do remember that your team members cannot stay buried in work all the time. This will not be productive in the long run as they will ultimately become fatigued and saturated. Fun activities must always be an integral part of your team building plans if you want your team to perform better.