Buying Under Bench Commercial Dishwashers

Consider the load the machine can take, the amount of vessels it can wash in one go, amount of detergent required, etc. Additional features like automatic drying facility can in fact benefit you if you have several customers at a time visiting your eatery.

Your financial capacity

Your budget will play an important role in determining the kind of machine you should go for. Choose a machine that has the basic cleaning and drying features but not one out of your budget. Stylish, high range models may offer more service features but may not fit your financial capacity.

However, the great part is that simple wash and dry machines are not very expensive. They are durable too and the overall cost of maintenance is not as much as high end models.

Washing frequency

If you run a small cafe, the number of dishes that need to be washed won’t be as much as that of a full-fledged five star restaurant. Evaluate the number of dishes that need washing and the number of times you will have to wash them in the day to determine the kind of machine that will suit the requirement.

Maintenance and Care

It is important to choose the right brand of machine when you want to invest in Commercial dishwashers. Some brands offer free post sales maintenance and care that will help increase the life of the machine. Others may have a limited warranty and guarantee period during which parts can be replaced if damaged.

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