Carpet Cleaners for Beautiful Carpets

It is not easy to clean carpets. Yes, you can vacuum it every day but the use of household vacuum cleaners is not enough to effectively clean your carpet. The smell cannot be removed by vacuum cleaners, as well as the dirt that has been lying on the deep fibers of the carpets.

When to hire carpet cleaners

To find out when it is time to hire the help of professional Adelaide carpet cleaners, check if your carpet falls under these categories:

1) The carpet releases a foul odor that no amount of vacuum cleaning and spraying of scented aerosols can remove.

2) Once you walk on the carpet, it releases some dust, this means that the dirt and dust are already on a maximum level that even daily use of household vacuum cleaners cannot do the job.

Hire carpet cleaners to effectively rid the carpet of smell so your home will smell fresh. Also, by availing the services of the professional cleaners, you provide a healthier environment to your family members as they can remove all mites and their eggs that have been dwelling on the deep layers of the carpet.

What methods are used by carpet cleaners

1) Carpet shampoo- this is highly recommended for carpets that are heavily soiled and emit a foul smell. A solution is applied on the carpet for a foamy substance to develop. The main ingredient is called lauryl sulfate. Foaming is important in carpet cleaning as it will prevent the carpet from getting soaked. Either a cylindrical foam shampoo machine or rotary shampoo machine is used by the carpet cleaners. Either way, this method will leave your carpet smelling good and at the same time the color vibrancy is brought back to the carpet.

2) Dry method- the carpet cleaners will apply a dry powder to the carpet, after which a professional machine is used to agitate the carpet and make the powder penetrate the deep fibers of the carpet. The powder acts like a magnet and the dirt will attach to the powder forming a capsule. The carpet cleaners will then use a very powerful vacuum cleaner which will suck all the dirt capsules.

3) Plant carpet cleaning method– if the carpet is too dirty, then the carpet cleaners will remove the carpet and take it to the plant for a deep kind of carpet cleaning. It will be shampooed then subject to steam cleaning to remove all hardened dirt and mites.