Carports in Different Types

Carports are roofed and open-sided structures that serve as shelter for vehicles especially for cars. They are first created in 1900s bearing no formal name; but years later Frank Lloyd Wright gave them the proper term. The number of vehicles that can fit inside depends on the size. Carports may be free standing or attached to a wall of a structure. Unlike garages, carports offer limited protection but have more ventilation. Moreover, carports Canberra are more applicable to vehicles used on a daily basis because of easy access and easy storage. Typically, carports are installed in front of the structure or house and can be mobile or permanent. They are normally made from vinyl, steel, wood, and aluminum. Different types are also available namely Party Tents, Prefabricated Metal Canopies, Aluminum Carports, and Extension Garages. Knowing these types before purchasing, one can help a consumer in deciding what type suits his/her best.

Party Tents

In essence, this type of carport is a party tent but is large enough to provide shelter for at least one vehicle. Party tents are light and easy to transport, install, and store making it a good choice for convenience and portability. However due to its light material, party tents are not as durable as the other types. Typically, the cover of a party tent is made from a single polyester sheet while its poles are constructed from polyethylene.

Prefabricated Metal Canopies

This carport may look like the previous type. But unlike party tents, its cover is made from tarpaulin or polyethylene sheets and its poles are derived from galvanized steel making it as a semi-permanent addition to a structure’s façade. Prefabricated Metal Canopies may look are delivered with pre-constructed metal frames requiring minimal assembly. The customer will just have to place the cover on of the structured frame and attach it to his/her house. This type is usually durable enough to last for several years as it can withstand natural elements.

Aluminum Carports

This type may look similar with prefabricated metal canopies, but unlike the latter, the poles are made from aluminum rods. This makes it light, mobile, and requires easy installation and storage. Additionally, this carport is resistant to rust and is more durable than party tents although its materials are light as well.

Extension Garage

For consumers wanting a permanent carport, extension garage is the optimal choice. This type requires a large space as one’s garage must be extended by at least 8 meters. Its roof is made from plastic or polycarbonate sheet and its walls are made from concrete which gives it the ultimate durability among other types.