Causes of Acquired Brain Injuries

One of the main causes of acquired brain injury is stroke. During stroke, a clot restrains the supply of blood to brain. This often leads to the physical disability of the suffering individual. These strokes normally occur to elderly people and only 20% of the cases involve a person aged less than 55.

The next biggest cause of acquired brain injury is a trauma or accident. The trauma occurs when high pressure is applied on the brain. According to the statistics, over 22,000 people in Australia were hospitalized due to traumatic brain damage in 2004-05. Almost two-fifth of the cases was that of falling from stairs and around one third were that involved in an accident.

Assault accounted for one in every six cases of traumatic brain damage. Injury of brain can cause them to experience a number of disabilities, both physically and mentally. They may lose the control on the movements of their body parts. This also affects their way of thinking and behaving.

Accident Claims

Call up the TAC customer care at 1300 654 329. The details needed to start the claim will be collected from you, and you will be explained the benefits you are entitled to.

The claim form will be mailed to you and you need to confirm the details mentioned in the form, sign it along with witnesses mentioning the date. Attach the required documents as per the checklist for submitting your claim and send it back to TAC.

You should submit a claim within a year of the date of the accident to make a claim.

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