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Commercial Shifting Compared to Residential Shifting

The need to move from one place to another due to any reason can happen anytime. Some people have jobs that require them to relocate from time to time as they get transferred after a certain period of time. Usually the shifting is of two types; one is the commercial movement or the shifting of the office building within the city or to other cities of Australia. When and if you need to shift your office, you need to hire WA furniture removals who will take care of everything. They would backload all the furniture, pack the computers and electronic fragile equipment. They would also pack all the documents as private and confidential property and shift them with special care and secrecy. The items are labeled on their cartons or packing boxes, the furniture is loaded wrapped in plastic sheets and a categorized list of all the items is made and one copy is given to the client and the other is given to the person in charge of the moving assignment. The list is to be compared by the client with the deliverable at the destination to know that all has been delivered safely and completely. This kind of shifting is large scale as too many items are involved and special care is needed to get them to the back of the truck. Not to forget that the equipment that was removed will have to be installed as well.

The other kind of shifting is residential and the process is almost the same; the furniture and electronic items are disconnected and loaded in a truck, the size of the truck depends upon the number of items and their size that is to be loaded in the truck. After the packing of fragile stuff and china and silver and labeled accordingly, it is loaded in the truck. You can even get outdoor movable pool and Jacuzzi uninstalled and loaded as well. If you live in an upper storey of the apartment building the removalists have equipment to move it like trolleys, lifters or sliding ledges to get heavy items out of the building. The boxes are properly categorized and lists are made as in the process of shifting of the office. The items in the moving of the house are very different from the ones in the office. In removalists’ services for the movement of the house, different items from toys, clothes and crockery are to be handled. After packing the items are loaded and moved

When compared, the two types of packing and moving services are similar and different at the same time; the process and the prerequisites of both types of movements are same, their documentation, undertaking and payment methods are the same. The only difference is that the types of items, their quantity and the budget are different. The office shifting has different kinds of items and the quantity is more too. However, in the moving of houses the items are different and the budget is lesser. But the purpose is the same that is taking your tension away about the hassle of packing and moving.