Construction & Renovation

Common Bathroom Vanity Designs

French provincial, rustic, classic, space age, country style are the commonly sought after options. These days, apart from the traditional designs, people in ever increasing numbers are opting for modern designs like art deco and minimalistic. The choice of design to a large extent depends, on personal preference, so while some people may prefer the country style the others may go for the French provincial.

Wooden vanities

Vanities made from wood give an elegant touch to your bathroom. Oak and mahogany ones owing to their top-notch quality are a bit expensive. The price of wooden vanity is governed by the fine craftsmanship and type of wood used. So, if you are on a tight budget you, should select Bathroom renovations Sydney which matches your style and fits in your budget.

Glass bathroom vanities and contemporary vanities

They add an element of style to your bathroom and are made up of high-end durable glass. The wall mounted vanity is often made from glass and besides the ease of use it makes your bathroom look more spacious. Glass is usually combined with other materials like steel and wood in making world-class vanities. The key to encompass contemporary vanities successfully, in your bathroom lies in the fact that you should ensure that all the fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom are working with the vanities rather than working against them.

Bathroom Vanities are innovative and are ideal for forward-thinking individuals owing to their one-of-a-kind appeal and style.