Common Signs of Early Equipment Failure in Ovens

Both commercial ovens and domestic ones are regularly used for various purposes. With regular usage, wear and tear, and other kitchen equipment failures are common. While some can be fixed easily, some might require extensive repair, or maybe a replacement. Ovens deal with high temperature, electricity and other radiations. It is important to identify these signs to ensure proper working of the equipment, and stay safe while operating it.

Doesn’t heat properly

Heating is the sole purpose of an oven. If the oven doesn’t heat the food properly, then there should be a problem somewhere. The problem can be in the thermostat – the one which sets the temperature in an oven. Another problem can be in the heating element. You can confirm this by turning the oven on while the door is open. Keep your hand near the opening to check if you’re feeling warm. If not, you need to get the equipment inspected and fixed/ replaced.

Doesn’t turn on when plugged in

Sometimes power diodes, capacitors or other magnetic things might interfere with the process. This can happen with both domestic and commercial ovens. If you press start, see no activity, but simply get a loud buzzing sound, you should immediately get the oven replaced. This can be dangerous if not taken care of.

Takes more time cooking

A two-minute test is very popular for checking the ability of the magnetron. If you put an eight-ounce mug full of water in an oven, it should be steaming. If this doesn’t happen, it means the magnetron is losing its capacity, and might require a replacement sooner. The more the time it takes in cooking something, the lesser is the life left in it.

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