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Common Types of Plantation Shutters for Homes and Gardens

Window solutions are very important in terms of ensuring proper air circulation for an office or residence. Plantation shutters are one type of window solution which has been around for more than two decades. Shutters will help circulate fresh air in places with hot, humid climate and provide precious shade to the interiors of any building.

Durable hardwood shutters

Shutters made out of hardwood are highly recommended by interior designing experts because they project an aura of strength and durability along with classic aesthetic appeal. Hardwood shutters are generally made of cedar wood, poplar wood and Alder and are more expensive compared to the other varieties of plantation shutters. Hardwood shutters are fine grained and have a lovely texture and can be finished in a wide variety of styles. If you love the woody antique look and you have cash to spare then don’t think twice before installing hardwood shutters.

Popular Basswood shutters

Opting for basswood shutters can be a great option if you are working with a decent budget and have definite ideas about designs and styles you would like to project in your home. Basswood is sturdy, resistant to wood warp and has wonderful grain. Basswood shutters can be stained very well and they can produce beautiful colours and designs which makes them the favourite of all interior designers. You can have basswood plantation shutter of almost every hue and colour. However since these shutters are made up of wood they can be susceptible to bad weather. Basswood shutters are also susceptible to a high degree of wear and tear and they fade fast.

On the other hand, installing a glass splashback on your kitchen is also a great way to beautify it.

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