Common Uses of Large Format Printing

When you are opening a new business, it is necessary for you to use a “tool”, in order for the people to know what your company is all about. This should be an eye-catching. There are many uses of large format printing that you can use to impress your products upon people. Contact Large Format Printing in Sydney.

Vehicle wraps

If you want to drive home the point of your free delivery services or launch of new product, you can try vehicle wraps. In large format printing, you print the advertisement on to a vinyl; it can be wrapped around a vehicle.

Now, this vehicle can roam the various streets of the city, conveying your message. The contact number, product name and company brand will be mentioned for future customers.

If the vehicle stops at different places, any interested customer will walk in and enquire about the offers. You will get many leads like this through vehicle wraps.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics are very effective as they are unusual. If you are walking at a mall and suddenly, you notice that you may be walking on something, you will immediately look down and step aside. Well, floor graphics does do the job grabbing the attention of people.

With large format printing, you can place a huge floor graphics on the mall. It should have the directions to your store. In addition, it should have an interesting message so that people will want to check out your shop.

You can also have floor graphics on the other floors of the mall. Those will be promos of sorts, urging customers to your floor and to your store. It does the job of bringing customers to your door step.