Container Hire And Hazardous Materials

Construction sites often require the use of materials considered hazardous such as paint, stains, tar, palliatives, asphalt products and much more. Obviously, the presence of potential dangerous materials onsite poses a number of problems. OSHA provides specific guidelines on how to manage these materials, but there’s more to storage than the individual containers the hazardous materials are placed in. In order to ensure safety and correct storage, consider container hire.


When hazardous materials are not being used, they have to be stored safely away from the elements, especially rain. Rain poses a sever risk to these types of materials. When in contact, rain can transfer dangerous chemicals into the ground and potentially into the water system. Container hire provides many containers in various sizes and completely enclosed, which protects materials from rain and other elements.

Not only do containers protect materials from the outside environment, they make sure chemicals stay away from the ground and other people. If a spill were to occur, the storage container would protect the environment while the spill was being cleaned up.

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Although some materials can be stored in buildings, OSHA requires that flammable and combustible materials be stored away in closed metal containers away from people and the premises. Container hire may provide a good solution for the storage of such dangerous materials.

Pallet Storage

OSHA also requires that hazardous materials are stored in an orderly way. They should be stacked, and limited in height. Most importantly, they need to be stable and not at risk of sliding or collapsing. It is also preferable to store them on pallets to provide this type of stability. Storage containers are the ideal space to store pallets, and are guaranteed to provide a flat surface and accessibility onsite.


The people who have access to hazardous materials should be trained both how to store them, how to use them, and what to do if one spills. They need to know how to react in an accident. This means limiting access to those materials to only those with the proper training and qualifications. Storage containers are secure, and access can easily be limited to only those who should be working with such dangerous substances.

The container hire Perth provides a good method to meet OSHA requirements while ensuring the safety of workers and other people who may be at the work site. It keeps them safely out of the way until use, and protects them from any elemental hazards of the environment.