Creative ways to Paint your Own Skateboard

There’s a huge population of skateboarding addicts out there. The thrills and chills of this amazing sport (and also a popular pastime for many of you) has earned name and fame because its seemingly very simple, and gives an adrenaline rush which is probably unmatched. Are you someone who loves his skateboard very much, and would love to make its appearance look more exciting and innovative? Then you should definitely try some of the popular creative methods to paint your skate boards.

Carve Out An Image

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to jazz up skateboards is to carve some images on its deck. Yes there are skateboards which come with artistic works done on them already. Well, you can still use your imaginative and carve out images from the pre-made artwork on the board. In case your skateboard is a plain one, then you can get a grip tape and carve out unique shapes and stick them on your board deck. This will definitely make it more eye-catching.

Protect the Art

After putting in so much hard work and time into doing all the artwork on the skateboard, you wouldn’t want it to bleed and go away so easy. It’s important you use some protective measures to safeguard the art. However also bear in mind that the protection will not be lasting. You could use a lacquer or a layer of clear coating. It wouldn’t stay for too long, but it still is a good option for a short time’s sake.

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