Difference Between Air, Sea, and Land Freight

Technology has not yet reached its peak but how it changes the generation today can amazingly shock you. Motor vehicles, cars, trucks, planes, and engine operated transports have greatly developed over the past years. Before, transporting goods can be done through the help of animal mobilization but these days, engineers have made it possible to transport stuffs without animal labor. The need for merchandises to be delivered on time can’t be handled by simple labor, but through the use of mechanical inventions. Different freights are exported and imported from all over the country; there are several ways of delivering them such as sea, air and land freight transporters. Here are the differences of these three freight transporters:

Air Freight

• Technically, when it comes to fast service, there’s no doubt that air freight is the fastest. Just like travelling, airplanes offer the fastest service of going to your destination tour. Airplanes travel a speed greater than what other transporters can do. If a ship can deliver freight in 6 hours, a plane can probably do it in 30 minutes or 1 hour. Aside from its fast delivery service, custom inspections for freights are also fast, accurate and more thorough. Airport inspections are not a joke, travelling by air needs more caution and it’s just suitable to carefully inspect things, may it be big or small.

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• Even if air freight is the fastest, it has some flaws or disadvantages as well. Not all places in the world have airport or landing area so it’s hard to deliver on small countries or rural provinces. Aside from that, it is more costly than sea or land freight transporters. Gasoline is the sole fuel running the engine, and gasoline nowadays cost too much.

Sea Freight

• If you are not in a hurry and want a more stable transporter, then this is the best choice. Sea freight might be slower than air freight but the clients are guaranteed that their packages are delivered. Furthermore, when it comes to space for goods to be placed, sea freight has the largest capacity among the three transporters.

• When it comes to largest span of areas it can accommodate, sea freights are preferred. The world is surrounded by bodies of water, if business man wants a cost effective means of having their products delivered to a certain place, sea freights are the best choice. Cargo ship freights are used to deliver heavy weight products such as cars, iron bars and many more. Airplanes and trucks are limited to a few kilos of products while sea freights can hold tons.

Land Freight

• When it comes to cheaper means of transporting goods, trucks are good choice. Land freights are the best option if delivery is within the locale of the area. You can get the service of Freight Melbourne to Brisbane. For example, if a certain goods like oxygen tanks are to be delivered to an area 5 to 10 kilometer from your warehouse, then trucks are good.

• Land freights may not offer more but when sea or air freights are not available or time is not bounded, they are the most desirable choice.