Discover Natural Solutions For Cleaning Your Carpets

If you dislike the toxic smell of synthetic carpet cleaning agents, discover a combination of natural products that do the job just as efficiently. After all, some commercial cleansers contain chemicals that can discolor or damage your carpet.

The advantage of natural cleansers is the fact that they are eco-friendly. The last thing you want is your child suffering from strange allergies and skin rashes after coming into contact with toxic compounds. At the same time, green solutions cause no harm to the environment.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is perhaps the most versatile natural cleanser. White vinegar is a great carpet cleaning solution, as it takes care of the stubborn stains such as pet urine. At the same time, it neutralizes the awful smell of spilled drinks such as milk, soda, wine, and coffee.

You will need to dilute the vinegar with some water. Just like in other materials such as clothes, sofas and curtains, undiluted vinegar is potent and may discolor the fibers. Otherwise, vinegar remains an effective cleaner.


Salt is arguably the most common item on all kitchen shelves. With ordinary table salt, you should never have a reason for harboring dirt and harmful bugs in your carpets. It acts on tough stains by loosening the bonds that hold molecules together, making the entire carpet cleaning exercise easy and fun.

Stains from drinks such as cranberry juice and red wine will easily disappear after application of salt. When sprinkling salt, concentrate more on the stains, and allow it to stay on the surface for15 -20 minutes. When the salt has absorbed the stain, use your ordinary vacuum cleaner and cleaner spray for maximum results.

Essential oils

Certain essential oils, such as lavender boast of great deodorizing properties. Therefore, they are ideal during carpet cleaning where the carpet has a foul smell. They act by neutralizing the bacteria and viruses hiding in the fibers. The other advantage of natural essential oils is that they are safe for use even when children and pets are present.

Combination of all

You can achieve an all-round cleanliness by combining all the above natural solutions. Add two tablespoonfuls of ordinary salt into two cups of water. Stir evenly until the salt dissolves. Next, add one cup of white vinegar into the solution and mix thoroughly.

Put 15-20 drop of any clear essential oil such as lavender. When the mixture is ready, put it into a spray bottle, and shake well. Spray the solution on the entire surface of the dirty carpet and allow it to dry. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner on the treated carpet to achieve a like-new condition.

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