Do You Need Online Business Coaching or Consulting?

You want to launch online business campaign for your company – now you have got 2 options to help you through the process: you could either hire a consultant or you can get some online business coaching. Both would help you chart out your business plan, but remember that a coach does not get on the field to play for you. A consultant, on the other hand, is part of your team and has a very specific role to play.

You would benefit from hiring a consultant if you have a very specific problem at hand and you want the consultant to apply his expertise to present you with a solution. Of course, a consultant would cost you much more than a coach. Though with a coach, you will either have to do all the legwork yourself or pay an in-house team to do it. A coach would help you figure out what your goals are, what could be the best way to reach them by asking you a lot of questions. He may train you and your team on some business skills, but he will not give you ready made solutions. A coach will work with you to keep you motivated and active on the path you have chosen, whereas a consultant would actually walk that path and execute the plans to some extent.

Remember that the aim of online business coaching is to help you identify your long-term goals and stay on course to those. A consultant would rather tackle a problem at hand or implement a well-defined short term project. For example, a coach may help you identify that you need to acquire expertise in Subject Area 1 and even help you identify milestones for achieving this, but he will not be involved in actually arranging for the required training and monitoring the success of these. A consultant, on the other hand, will not only identify the subject area, but will also be responsible for executing the plan to acquire the skill.

Consultant is the right choice if you do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of the business, and need someone to execute the decisions for you. On the other hand, online business coaching will give you guidance alone. Or choose it if you are a small company where you have limited funds and want to do most of the work yourself. An alternative could be to use coaching to identify the goals and then hire a consultant to take you there.