Don’t Desert Your Dessert

Seeing those indulging lava cakes and rainbow sprinkled cupcakes tempting your taste buds for a bite are undeniably difficult to refuse, but after hearing words about sugar consumption make you think twice. But your craving and love for desserts can actually be good to your health.

There are healthy desserts that use natural sweeteners so you can follow the daily recommended maximum amounts. Natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, coconut sugar, agave, and maple syrup which also contain small amounts of additional nutrients as a bonus. With every reason why you should avoid desserts there are brilliant reasons why you should get one.

First reason is, desserts are packed with nutrients, and it may not be the healthiest form of carbohydrates, consuming the right sweets can fuel your body and mind. The fact that carbohydrates are essential nutrient for the body which is often overlooked in low carb diets. Additionally, indulgence such as dark chocolate or pumpkin pie has rich sources of whole foods that provide essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre to your nourishment. Secondly, consuming dessert can actually improve your weight control. Over consumption of sweets is one of the biggest causes of failure in diet. So an average adult quits eating dessert completely, it may show improvement in their short term health goals. But research have shown that an adult indulging in dessert but eat nutritious meals have a higher chance of producing long term accomplishment in weight loss, a fact because the body responds to small consumption of sweets that satisfy cravings by satisfying its own appetite for them. Deciding to quit eating sweets completely in order to attain a weight loss goal will lead to an eating spree and over intake when you finally do eat sweets again. Having a balance between indulgences and healthy eating and regular exercise is more likely to bring success in diet than totally eradicating them. Third reason is desserts make you happier, that moment when you take a bite of your favourite dessert that elevates your happiness level. Foods that have a high percentage of carbohydrates support the brain and the body to produce chemicals like serotonin that add to overall emotional well-being. Fourth reason is, desserts give you opportunity to add more fruit to your diet, and Fruit is essential to our daily intake of nutrient; it keeps the body healthy, strong, and immune to certain diseases. Adding strawberries and blueberries to a bowl of frozen yogurt creates a healthy dessert which is rich in protein and healthy fats, into a certainly vigorous meal for your day-to-day fruit consumption.

Though it is still significant to emphasise on consuming a healthy diet filled with vegetables, whole grains, and protein, desserts add a little more delight to your meals.