Dressing Up for a Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party equals cocktail dress. Not anymore. With Prom dresses UK, you have many more options. The style of and attitude towards dressing up for occasions has changed dramatically. From the formal suits and cocktail dresses we have now moved on to glittery numbers.


The Dress

Cocktail parties now days can be anything between a low key affair with just a few friends to a swanky do. Your dress would depend on the type of party you are going to.

For the big glamorous affairs, you can go ahead and invest in the shiny knee-length – or above the knee – dress from the party counter. For a quiet gathering of friends or family, you can choose something more sedate yet formal. Personal Injury

A tailored skirt or pant suit will do the trick. You can also take the middle way out and go for something dressy but not too loud. A frilly dress in a bright colour or a sheath will work just as well as a suit. 

A pencil skirt in a shiny material and a wool top with a low neckline will give you the cool yet feminine look.


To Go With It

Again depending on the occasion, you can accessorise your dress with an armful of bangles. The bangles could be ivory lak or even gold or glass – but not too noisy please! A pair of high heels with the skirt to go with the leather belt will complete the outfit nicely.

Make sure you have the right furnitures inside your room to give space to your closets.

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