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Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems – Types of Air Diffusers

A linear slot diffuser delivers the air around the edges of a room, instead of distributing the air from individual points in the ceiling. A speciality of this diffuser is that it can be used to return air as well to supply air.

One to four slot widths are used depending upon the volume of the air.

Some linear slot diffusers can create an air pattern to adjust to the shape of the room.

Floor Outlet Diffuser

A floor outlet diffuser supplies cooled air at lower levels in a room. The diffuser outlet is installed in the floor. It convenient to install this system in rooms with raised flooring. The space underneath can accommodate the ducts of the diffuser system.

Jet Diffuser

The jet diffuser is used in a room with a high ceiling height. The mechanism of the diffuser can send air with high velocity throughout the entire room to reach the lower levels.

Punkah Diffuser

This allows flexibility to the user who can control the direction and flow of the air. They are installed behind seats. Occupants may adjust them for comfort.

Punkah diffusers are ideal for a home theatre set up.

Swirl Diffuser

The swirl diffuser is a special piece of equipment used in Air Conditioning units. The diffuser mechanism creates a turbulent supply of air in the immediate space surrounding it. A high air change rate is successfully transmitted all over the room. Swirl diffusers can generate up to 30 air changes or swirls per hour.

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