Essential Plumbing Tools you Will Notice in every Plumber’s Bag

The trick to being the best in the business most often is a simple tool box or bag that has all the essentials one could ever need. If you ever happen to see what plumbers carry in their bags, you would be surprised to know that apart from all the jazzy looking tools there are a few must have that are a staple of every plumber’s bag. If you knew what they were, it would be not that hard anymore to be a DIY handyman yourself.

Toilet Augers for removing clogs and obstructions

One of the most commonly used item in a plumbers tool bag is a toilet auger, which allows plumbers to break up clogs easily or remove obstructions that may be causing a blockage in the toilet. Usually, the auger has a flexible shaft like handle, which can be pushed down the toilet and provides a reach of over three feet. Sometimes a crank handle is attached to the auger which helps in lifting away obstructions.

Flange Plunger for clearing clogs in the toilet hole

This is a common household item that has made its way to the plumbers list of magic tools as well. A flange plunger is used to clear the toilet hole from obstructions and it works by sealing off the hole and creating a vacuum, which ultimately generates a huge water force that can flush down any debris blocking the hole. It is differently shaped depending on the shape of the toilet hole.

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