Essential Tips On Looking For The Best House Cleaner

Do you find that the pace of life has quickened over recent years? People seem to be busier than ever. Consequently, the trend for home cleaning services has practically quadrupled over the past few years. People want cleaners to do the mundane everyday tasks for them.

But letting someone into your home is a big risk. What about your valuables? Will they break your expensive ornaments? Can you trust your cleaner?

Below, we shall look at some of the most important aspects when you are on the search for a new house cleaning service.

1. Has your cleaner been police screened? You need to know if they have a criminal record – especially for theft. Have they got satisfactory references? Check up on these two points. Get in touch with their referees; they could be fake letters.

2. You need peace of mind that if they do accidentally break one of your expensive ornaments, that they are insured to cover the cost. Check that they are covered for accidental damage.

3. They should be friendly but professional. Too many house cleaners end up sipping coffee and chatting. This is not professional and not what you pay them for. They should not take any breaks while cleaning your home.

4. It might be worth paying a slightly higher rate. You can then demand an exceptional service. If you choose cheap, then you may just get shoddy work.

5. Why not start your research online with cleaning rates. Most cleaning services have a website. Request a price list for their services. This way, you are still anonymous and, therefore, won’t be ‘lulled’ into going with them.

6. Cleaners should be flexible towards your personal situation. Do they do regular weekly cleans, fortnightly cleans and one-off total house blitz cleaning?

7. Being charged a slightly higher rate for your initial clean is common.

8. Make sure that you compile a house cleaning checklist. Your cleaner should work to this checklist for every clean. You might want different things done each time he/she comes, so working to a checklist ensures that you get everything done.

9. For bigger jobs such as post moving, garage cleaning or construction clean-up, use a specialized cleaning service in those areas.

10. Who’s supplying the cleaning products? Do you think your cleaner should bring his/her own? Are you willing to buy and provide the cleaning products ready for them to use?

These are my top ten house cleaning tips on what to look for when hiring a house cleaner. You may find that you might go through two or three cleaners to find the person or cleaning team that suits you and who you know you can trust.

One last word of caution, many cleaning services advertise the fact that they use unique and exceptional cleaning methods to clean any home quicker and more thoroughly. MCC have been cleaning commercial premises in Melbourne for over 10 years!