Factors that Affects the Pricing on Shipping Goods To Australia

Before shipping goods to Australia, it is important for you to know the factors that affects the pricing of it. Shipping companies has identified these factors. Listed here are some of it.

Using Containers and Consolidating

You can bring down the cost of shipping by using containers. Containers have a fixed rate and are therefore more cost efficient. In fact, this is one of the most preferred routes taken by immigrants to ship their consignments to their new home at affordable rates. However, if your shipment is not large enough to fill up one container, you can share the cost with others.

Category of Goods

Certain goods attract higher shipping charges because of their nature. Perishable goods, fragile items or those that require extra special packing will naturally attract more shipping charges. The weight of the consignment is also a major factor as bulky items like beds, piano, dining table, furniture, womens clothing etc require more space and are therefore more expensive to ship.

Also there are certain categories of goods that are enlisted in the quarantine category. Such items are checked by the Australian authorities before they are granted / denied permission to enter the nation. If your shipment is part of any such category, you will have to pay for quarantine inspection fees.

Time Vs. price

You can always shop around for the lowest quote from a shipping company but it’s advisable to stick to a reputed concern. You will be shifting your personal belongings and obviously you will want them to be taken care of in the best possible way. Hire a company who have been in the market for a long time and have a decent price range for shipping to Australia.

Time is an important element when it comes to getting your goods shipped. Most shipping companies will give you a pretty accurate estimate but it’s advisable to ask for a written guarantee of the delivery date. You don’t want to keep waiting for your stuff to arrive in Australia.