Family Violence is a Social Problem

A vast majority of children are exposed to violence at home. There is little research to create a definite idea about the impact of such violence on children. Continued exposure to such negativity can have long term physical and psychological impact. Their impulse control is greatly affected by this. The child living in such unhealthy atmosphere develops a greater propensity towards crime in future. A young mind fed on unhealthy thoughts can not grow up to be a responsible citizen.

Domestic Violence in Same Sex Co-existence

A hushed silence is encouraged for reporting violence prevailing among the same sex couples. Same sex partnerships are not given due recognition in many places. A partner who tries to keep up with the demands of an abusive relationship undergoes umpteen troubles.

Impact on Culturally Diverse Groups

A change in immigration status forces people to adopt various cultural values. This leads to greater complexities. Lack of a suitable interpreter creates problem. Confiding to a stranger is not easy. Adequate knowledge of the law of the country further alienates people from the mainstream. The fear of deportation is always lurking in their mind. It makes people unsure of themselves and they often resort to domestic violence to assert their importance in a wrong way.

Stable Income

Raising a child well requires the support of a stable and regular income. As a result, courts are always likelier to award complete custody to the parent who has a stable job. They will look at the person’s past job history, assess how well and for how long he holds a job and also his or her financial status among other things. Find the best Family Lawyer Sydney here.