Few Features of a Typical Commercial Printing Process

Designers and graphic artists often have a strained relationship. Deadlines are responsible for this division. The graphic designers expect that the commercial printers will complete the assignment within an hour. Reality is otherwise. Nothing short of a miracle can achieve this.  The ultimate product is a combination of several intricacies.


Initial stages

The project must reach the printer in time. At present most printers have access to digital appliances. But many prefer to stick to the old principles of creating and stripping the negatives. Selecting a negative and putting it to flames is time consuming. Try the Corporate Printing Sydney  for all your printed marketing materials.


Loading and alignment

Loading of the press in the next essential step. Your press might be lucky enough to have ample quantity of ink of the desired variety. But in spite of that the correct method of installing the plate must be given due attention.

Try to be cautious about your work. So it is always wise to take care of the alignment and if possible running a few test sheets can save you of a lot of worries. These are done to check if everything is taking place in compliance with the desires of the customer. A single sheet assignment on a high speed press does not pose much problem.  It is easy to get the desired number of copies. Controlling the number of copies is not simple with the multi sheet assignments.

Many book projects have specific mention about the possibilities of over running of copies in their contracts. It is the customer’s duty to bear the expenses of the over runs.

Like the graphic designers, the website designers need to be up to date when it comes to technology. They should be able to think outside the box when it comes to their designs.

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