Food Equipments Used in The Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Houses

Foods cooked in char broilers are hot favourite among diners and restaurants who look out for the taste of outdoor grills. These char broilers come along with sizes ranging from full standing units to those that can be placed on the countertop. Either lava rock or radiant made up of cast iron are used to cook the food.

Other common food equipments frequently used in eateries in Australia are commercial steamers, steam tables, food warming equipments, coffee equipments, commercial food processors, etc. Also to maintain the hygiene throughout, commercial dishwashers can be seen installed in all commercial kitchens.

Commercial Juicer

These juicers can eject pulp and juice of fruits and vegetables continuously and are highly efficient. Easy to clean and dismantle, these commercial juicers require cleaning only at the end of the day. Fully automatic, these are heavy duty juicers with large top feed chute.

Commercial Ovens

These ovens are appropriate for any commercial kitchen. There are different types of commercial countertop ovens and full size ovens that include microwaves, countertop pizza ovens, convection ovens, toaster ovens, conveyor ovens, salamander broilers, pizza deck ovens, rotisserie ovens, etc. All these ovens require adequate maintenance for safe and prolonged service.

Commercial Fryers

Appetizers, main course dishes and fast foods particularly involve the use of commercial fryers. These include deep fryers, countertop fryers, funnel cake fryers, corn dog fryers, drop-in fryers, etc. The commercial fryers can be efficiently run by both electricity and gas.

Cleaning Glasses

Even a fresh towel can contain bacteria and germs, so polishing is not recommended. When storing glasses after wash, do not hang them upside down. Store the clean glasses in a closed cabinet and try not to stack the glasses inside or on top of each other, as this can lead to cracking of the glasses.

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