General Practitioner Bundaberg and their Quest for a Better World

It is touching to see how people work for the common good. General practitioner Bundaberg forms an organization called the Multidisciplinary Care Team (MDCT) whose goal is to extend a helping hand to the less-privileged people. The organization has a pool of medical workers including doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, and counselors. They believe in the holistic approach to healing, meaning the mind has a big influence on the health of a person, thus, family therapy sessions and seminars on well-being are conducted by the general practitioner Bundaberg. Education is also a powerful tool to healing that is why they incorporate lectures on how to improve the over-all health by being aware on the symptoms, causes, cure, and what to avoid.

Dental sessions

Dentists provide a service to the less-privileged people so their self-esteem can be enhanced. If a person has better dentures, he can feel more confident. A confident person has the zest to go out and look for better opportunities. Also, studies have shown that those who look more presentable have more chances of landing a good-paying job. Thus, through the assistance of the organization formed by the general practitioner Bundaberg, the less-privileged people can live a more comfortable job.

Medical sessions

The MDCT regularly holds medical sessions to cure the various illnesses. Also, they give seminars and give-out reading materials as a way to educate them about the ways to avoid contracting the common illnesses.

Senior citizens/disabled support

Those belonging to this group have difficulty in their mobility. They constantly need the aid of others in order to function. The MDCT assists the senior citizens and the disabled persons in their everyday living by providing them the basic needs like food, medicine, and water. They can also provide transportation to them during the times that they need to visit their doctors. General practitioner Bundaberg also assist them in their social needs through regular visitations of aids who can spend a considerable time with them.


Those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction are also being supported by the MDCT. They have licensed therapists and counselors who conduct therapy sessions where they can express their angst that led them to take prohibited substances. Since the MDCT believes in holistic healing, they also include the family members in the therapy sessions.

GP Bundaberg sets an example on how to make this world a better place. The services they extend to the community are priceless and they expect nothing in return but only to alleviate the hardships of others in the way they know how.