Great Tips For Fabulous Looking Curtains and Blind Cleaning

Curtains and blinds are a practical, yet elegant home and office accessories used to prevent direct sunlight whilst still maintaining privacy. However, over time they tend to absorb smell and dirt leaving them smelling less than fresh. Overtime, they may become slightly discolored and lose their original elegance. This is mostly noticeable on delicate and light-colored curtains.

Curtains and blind cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Nonetheless, special care should be considered to ensure that only the right cleaning methods and tolls are used in the cleaning process. This ensures that the curtains and blinds last longer and that they still get to retain their beauty and elegance. Here are some cleaning tips that will leave one with fabulous blinds and curtains.

Cleaning tools

To safely clean blinds and curtains, one needs to have the right tools. Common tools such as a soft duster and a rubber sponge come in handy. For the soft duster, use one with microfiber, feathers or one made from cotton. Start cleaning at the top. One can also a paint brush with soft bristles. A dry sponge also helps remove dust and stains from vinyl and fabric blinds. Be sure to wipe along the slat and always start from the top.

People with vacuum cleaners can use the brush attachment to lift and remove dust from the blinds without damaging them, avoid an up and down motion as this could be less effective. Instead use a side to side motion to achieve the best results for vertical blinds use a downward motion along the slat as an upward motion could damage the hooks. Do not forget to clean all sides of the blinds.

Caring for special blinds

People with special care blinds should be careful when cleaning their blinds and curtains. Fabric blinds are sensitive when cleaning as they can easily get damaged if not properly cared for. It’s recommended to get a professional curtain and blind cleaning company to get the best results.

Wooden blinds can be easily cleaned by using rubber sponges, vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths and even soft dusters. When using water, use it sparingly and ensure that the slats are dried immediately.

Metal blinds can be placed in an open area when they need to be cleaned. Use a mixture of water and a washing liquid to wipe the slats using a microfiber cloth or a soft rag. Rinse the slats and allow the water to drain.

Following these tips ensures that one gets their curtains and blinds looking sparkling and elegant. A professional curtain and blind cleaning Melbourne company can make work easier as they have the right equipment and are trained to handle different types of curtains.