Green Demolition

If you really feel that half of your electrical appliances are going to be defunct soon and you anyway don’t know anybody you can donate things too then you can take the exchange route. Many electrical item dealers offer decent discounts on new appliances provided you give them your old ones. All you need to do is to test which appliances are still working and ask the demolition guys to preserve them. Bundle up the old appliances in your car and take them to your favourite electrical appliances dealer. Return with brand new appliances and save a lot of money in the bargain.

Deal with old freezer carefully

Fridges and freezers need to be recycled responsibly and these are items you can dispose off on your own. Hopefully, the demolition service you have hired will have an appropriate procedure for dealing with old refrigerators. You should check up on the safety norms and precautions they are following when disposing this stuff. Your local utility dealer can also help you tow away your old fridge for a minimum charge. If your refrigerator or freezer is more than 15 years old then they are energy wasters and should be disposed away responsibly. With eco friendly deconstruction or green demolition you can be sure that you are doing your bit to preserve the environment and reduce waste.

Make sure that someone from your family is actually overseeing the demolition process so that fences or other areas of your property are not damaged.

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