Hiring Professionals vs. DIY Promotional Video

Every individual in business world knows what can a promotional video do in terms of reaching the target audience. It is one of the most effective ways of winning the confidence of every consumer. It can greatly help in building up your company’s name to. Through it great chances of getting the interest of the target audience can be achieved especially when the promotional video for the company is perfectly made.

All business type can have this marketing strategy. Whether it is a big time or small time business it can employ this kind of strategy as long as the company is ready to spend enough amounts of money for doing a specific promotional video.

Business owner or managers have to option regarding promotional video making. First is to let other do it for them. Second is doing it by themselves. The first option is the easiest and the most convenient among the two but seemed needs great amount. The second option might require great amount of time but suggest lower-cost depending on the maker’s preference. Big time business typically prefers the first option. Hiring professional Promotional Video Production Sydney is easy for them because they are already financially establish and have greater budget for advertisement while small time or just started companies usually invest on making their own promotional video.

Thinking that they can cut the cost, small time business owners prefer doing promotional videos by themselves. But one should consider that starting it is not that easy. It requires learning all the things involve in doing such video. Guides and learning material need to be purchase to ensure good outcomes. Below are some of the things that needs consideration before prior to making own promotional video for your company.


•    Knowing the target audience
•    Choosing the video style
•    Knowing how to properly invest on production, and
•    Learning to be practical

Creating it will undergo several stages and the maker must know from the start. Here are the three stages for promotional video production.

The Pre-production Stage

This stage is where the planning takes place. The maker must plan everything while in this stage. Creating goals, discussing the possible outcomes, genres, budget, audience script, storyboard and other elements that are involve in the process.

The Production Stage

This stage is when the shoot takes place after identifying goals and outcomes and other elements.

The Post-production Stage

After the shooting, editing and enhancing by adding visual and audio effects will be done on this stage.
Everything that we do have advantages and disadvantages; even hiring professional video producer or making own promotion video do have pros and cons. Here are some of pros for making own video for your company.
•    Fun
•    Challenging experiences
•    Learning
•    No upfront payment involve

While the cons include:

•    Takes time to learn.
•    Need to purchase learning materials and guides
•    Require great amount of time for creating the video
•    Not guaranteed result

And among the pros and cons of hiring professional producer involves the following.


•    Efficient and high quality result.
•    Costs are determined from the start. No hidden costs involve.


•    Upfront payment will be needed.

Hiring professional or doing it yourself do have pros and cons. In the end, it is still depends on the marketing in-charge which among the two ways to invest.

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