How Does a Bumper Sticker Help in Promoting Your Brand?

TV ads are repetitive and most people change the channel when the ads come on. The same goes for radio ads which blare throughout the day. Newspaper ads are read only by a small section of the people.

But with bumper stickers, there is no choice to turn away from the brand message displayed. Even if it’s through plain curiosity, the person in the car behind the one carrying your logo will be forced to read the ad at least once.

The exposure you get from bumper sticker advertising is thus greater in its impact. Moreover, friends and family of your customers are bound to ask about the company logo they carry on their car and this will only help to spread the brand message to a wider community.

Car wraps and floor graphics are some of the effective marketing strategies to promote company and gain more customers.

Tips for creating a catchy bumper sticker

Be short and sweet. Understand that you only have a few seconds to get your customer’s attention, so get directly to the point. A catchy idea will grab attention and remain in your customer’s mind for a long time.

Think about your messaging. There is a fine line between humor and rudeness, so avoid being rude or dirty. Play safe. Be creative, but do not go overboard.

Do not forget to insert the company logo and website on the sticker along with the messaging.

Find a good supplier who can create bumper stickers at a slashed rate. You need to cover your advertising costs so make sure your bumper stickers come cheap.

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