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How Should Residential Painters Excel in Their Work?

The main job of professional residential painters Perth is to prepare and paint the interior and exterior surfaces of the house. But that is not all they need to do. To make the customer happy, they need to do a lot more. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of professional residential painters.

Preparing the surfaces, applying the primer, applying the paint and cleaning the place after painting are all part of their job. But to become a preferred team of residential painters, you need to follow these suggestions.

Visit before giving an estimate

Before quoting an estimate to the customer, it is better to visit the house and check out the kind of complications involved. The house may have many intricate designs. The house may have surfaces which need special accessories to reach out. So instead of having a standard per square or per wall rate, it is better to give an estimate considering all the above factors. It would be wise to mention that the prices of the paint or any other raw materials would depend on current market price if purchasing them is part of your work.


Insist to have a contract with the customer which not only gives the customer a confidence about you, it may also help in claiming insurance if any accidents occur. Mention all the details in the contract and get it signed by the customer. If the customer is getting the contract paper work done, read the terms and conditions before signing and discuss to clarify any clause mentioned in the contract.


The residential painters are chosen because they are professionals and experts in their work. When you go out as a team, it is important to maintain a good team work. It is equally important to deliver what was promised.

Understand the customer requirements

The residential painters should understand the mindset of the customers and clearly understand their requirements. Once you understand their expectations, you can work to live up to them. Allow the customers to choose the colour scheme although you can suggest as per your experience. Take their feedback as and when required.


Getting the work done on time is the most important factor that decides customer satisfaction. Most of the times painting services are chosen based on recommendations. If the customer has to prefer you the next time, you should be punctual in your work. Delays in work can be annoying.

It is easy to just finish the job and take the payment. But it takes much more than just work to be remembered for it.