How to Create Your Own Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths have taken off in the last few years, and are seen at just about every event. Photo booth hires have become a super popular option to have photo booths at your events, as many people do not want to make their own or buy the photo booth after the event. Running a photo booth hire company can be an easy way to make money. Before you open a photo booth hire, you need to know the basics. A basic photo booth hire can work if you are able to put money into the business, and build a client base. Here are some of the steps that you are going to need to take when you are looking to start your own photo booth hire service.

  • Good Camera

Having a good camera is the number one thing that you will need to start your photo booth hire service. You should look into getting a camera that is meant for photography since cheap multiuse cameras do not produce clear and high quality photos. Get the best camera that is in your price range since you will not need to replace it, until you have the money for a better professional grade camera.

  • Laptop or Tablet

The quickest and easiest way to develop photos is with a laptop or tablet. There is software available that you can buy to edit the photos quickly. You can also add borders and logos quickly with many of these programs. Tablets can be used for displays if your camera uses Bluetooth. They can also be used as selection devices, to help the clients pick what photos that they want printed, and the ones that they don’t.

  • High Quality Printer

Another item that you should buy the highest quality of is your printer, ink, and photo paper. You should look at getting a printer that is specifically made to develop photos. It should be travel friendly, as you are most likely going to print photos on location. Many times, photo booths are used to create souvenirs for events and people will want to take their photos home that day. There are many, different options for printers. You should look at the print time, and samples of photos printed to see if the printer is worth the money.

  • Accessories

Many people like to take fun photos at photo booths, so you should have a good stock of accessories like hats, over sized glasses, and other wacky items for your photo booth.