How to Customize your Promotional Gifts as per the Theme of the Festive Season

Promotional gifts are a great method for companies to increase customer loyalty and create brand awareness. These gifts can be in any form like promotional pens, samples, caps, logos, bags and others. Businesses can send these gifts periodically to ensure the customer has not forgotten the brand and comes back to them for other things.

Type of season

There are a lot of different festivals celebrated across nations, spread across seasons. Design a customized gift in a way that it suits the season. If you are planning of gifting something in Christmas, a cap or scarf would be more relevant than a hat – as Christmas is celebrated during winters. A relevant gift will add more to the festive mood and might increase the number of leads coming in.

Type of festival

Festivals are of different types – some might be casual ones like Beer Festival in Sydney, and some might be traditional ones, attached to the religion of a region. When customizing gift, always have a thorough knowledge about the country and the festival. Know why and how is the festival celebrated – and you might come up with amazing gifting items, which are useful and unique at the same time.

Type of recipient

Every gift, ranging from new caps to promotional pens can be customized. Before doing so, you should know about your target audience first. If you are gifting an elderly, then chocolates or beauty hampers may not be relevant. Analyse the target audience, their age group, and customize a gift accordingly. Sometimes, gifts can be customized to suit all ages – and can be more popular and cost effective than others.