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How to Design a Kitchen

An important feature of a warm, inviting family home would have to be the kitchen. Its primary function is to be a specialised area where the inhabitants of the home cook their meals and keep everything related to cooking in this area. In the earlier times, this is where the hearth is kept burning, which makes it an ideal place to hang out with other family members during colder seasons. Nowadays, it has evolved into something more aesthetic and ergonomic.

For a new homeowner, designing a kitchen can be a nerve-wracking experience. It can affect the value of the home as well as its overall appeal in case it goes up in the market in the future. It has to be functional yet classy at the same time. Some ideas that you need to consider are the following:

  • The kitchen may be an open plan, L-shaped, or U-shaped. Open plan is ideal for people who allow their visitors to hold conversations while cooking or preparing the meal. U-shaped layouts are for those who want more space while L-shaped arrangements are for those who want everything within reach.
  • Kitchens of old are often customised to fit the whims of the person who uses it often. It is either spacious or cramped, depending on the personal taste of the designer. Modern ones are modular, meaning it is made up of ready-made parts. They are then combined or interchanged to form different looks.
  • How much space at home is dedicated to an area where food is prepared, cooked, and stored? The floor area will often dictate which layout will work better. Its vertical clearance will also determine how much storage space and lighting is possible without compromising the spatial ergonomics of the area.
  • The budget allocated for the kitchen is also a deciding factor that will decide how much work can be done to improve it. It will also affect the kind of materials used for the area.

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