How to Ensure your Commercial Fridge Lasts Long without Breakdowns

Regular maintenance can significantly enhance the efficiency and life of your commercial refrigerator unit. If your business requires you to stock perishable, non-perishable, fresh, cooked or processed food items for days, you will naturally require top-quality refrigeration. In case your commercial fridges don’t work properly or breakdown frequently, this will mean huge loss for you in terms of food gone waste. You will also have to spend recurrently on repairs and a poorly running unit will also increase your electricity bills. So you actually end up paying a lot more on all fronts if you cannot maintain your commercial refrigerator properly.

Cleaning your commercial refrigerator is easy. In most cases, regular cleaning with a gentle soap solution and wiping with a clean towel does the trick. In some cases, follow your owner’s manual to know the correct procedure of cleaning certain components. Generally, you can save about ten percent of electricity costs and significant servicing costs through regular maintenance. And you also extend the life of your refrigerating unit thereby eliminating the need to buy a new unit.

Cleaning the Interiors

Cleaning the interiors is absolutely essential if you want to maintain a high standard of hygiene inside your refrigerator unit. Both cooked and fresh food items attract germs and mildew which not only affect the condition of the stored food but also the overall efficiency of your unit. Always use a mild soap solution and a clean cloth to wipe the interiors. Never use steel wool or any harsh chemicals (such as bleach) as these can corrode the surface and also leave unpleasant odour. Remove gaskets and wash these with a soap solution containing vinegar. Allow them to dry completely before replacing. Remove shelves and clean these thoroughly during your monthly cleaning operations.

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